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Saving Energy as a Medium or Large Business

Businesses are the lifeblood of the communities we serve and our group of experts are here to support and guide you in reaching your energy efficiency goals every step of the way. From understanding how your business uses energy, identifying projects, building the business case to applying to energy efficiency programs, selecting the right equipment and managing your project, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the assistance you need.

How can we help you?

Key Account Support and Management

We have the expertise and practical solutions to provide high-quality service to our large business customers. Our Key Accounts team is ready to serve you and provide advice, solutions and resources to help you manage your energy costs, improve your sustainability, power quality and more   

We offer assistance to our large business customers in a number of areas including:

  • Billing, rates and supply:
    We can help you understand how your energy usage and demand impact your utility bill. We can also assist in power quality analysis and reliability planning.

  • Energy efficiency and management:
    Take advantage of our years of energy efficiency experience by scheduling a facility assessment. We can provide you with a quantitative analysis of your energy-saving opportunities and available incentives.

  • Benchmarking, monitoring and reporting:
    If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Let us model your facility’s energy data so you can monitor and control your energy usage before it becomes waste. We can generate reports to use for EWRB and other purposes.

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER):
    Solar photovoltaic, thermal storage and batteries are some types of DERs used to meet energy needs. They can serve multiple purposes and should be considered in conjunction with a load management strategy to optimize efficacy.

  • Electrification:
    As the prices of renewable electricity and electric equipment continue to drop, now is the time to start planning for an electrified future. Be it your fleet, process equipment, heating and cooling, or anything in between, we can guide you in the right direction so you’re not faced with service capacity issues when the time comes.

Contact Our Key Accounts team today

Our experts are available to help you with your account management needs. Email us at or call 226-896-2200 and see how we can help you today.
Click here to see a brief presentation outlining how Enova’s Key Accounts team can help you.


Enova’s Key Accounts Webinars

  • In April 2024 we hosted a presentation by Steve Dixon. The Seven Steps: A Methodical Approach to Finding Energy Savings Opportunities.

    Watch the presentation to review the information.

  • In January 2024 we hosted a webinar featuring Enova’s billing supervisor, Justin Ali, on understanding your electricity bill and rates and Utilismart expert, Eric Frappier, on how to utilize their dashboard to understand your electricity usage and demand.

    See the slide deck from the presentation.

  • In July 2023 we hosted presentation by the Renteknik Group examining sub-metering technology and the value of real-time device-level data.

    See the slide deck or watch the presentation to review the information.

Are There Any Programs Available to Help My Business Save Money?

We want to see your business reach its energy efficiency goals. The programs below can help you find potential rebates through projects that will decrease your energy use and help lower your bottom line.

  • Free Energy Efficiency Assessments
    Enova’s efficiency experts want to partner with you to keep your electricity costs as low as possible. With our FREE energy assessment, we can evaluate your business’ building systems to learn how your building and process equipment is performing.

    You’ll receive a detailed report following the evaluation. The report will include a breakdown of your electricity usage and a comprehensive list of potential energy-saving saving projects that your business may qualify for. We’ll also lay out an action plan for the projects we identify, helping you form a long-term plan for the energy efficiency journey.

    Let us help you. Contact us today at to schedule your appointment.

  • Retrofit Program
    Changes have been introduced for the Retrofit Program, effective May 2023.

    The Custom Stream is back. It now includes an increased incentive rate of $1,200/kW or $0.13/kWh, whichever is greater.

    Other changes include:

    • A new incentive rate of $0.35/kWh for networked lighting controls.
    • Removal of the $1-million incentive cap for projects.

     Find out more through the Program Updates webpage.

    Receiving the benefits of this program has never been easier and we’re here to help! Allow our experts to help you identify possible projects, and work with you through the application and approval process to ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit of the program.

    Find the full program details and application requirements through the dedicated program webpage.

    May 31, 2023 Webinar: Let Enova Make Your Project a Perfect Fit for Retrofit

    On May 31, 2023 Enova hosted a webinar where our customers could hear from the IESO  on topics that included:

    • Changes to the Save on Energy Retrofit Program
    • Enova’s role in helping your business navigate the application process

    Miss the event? Review the presentation and learn more.

  • Strategic Energy Management Program
    The Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program is a transformational new program, designed to help organizations improve their energy performance by implementing an integrated system of organizational practices, policies and processes to achieve persistent energy savings.

    The SEM program will provide your organization with knowledge, expertise and training in energy management that can help increase your profitability through reduced energy costs and productivity, build organizational skills, and help your organization achieve your carbon reduction and environmental goals.

    Visit the program website to learn more about this new program.

  • Existing Building Commissioning Program (Now available): Save on Energy’s Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) program is designed to help owners, operators and managers of commercial and institutional buildings in Ontario improve their energy management, reduce energy waste, enhance comfort and increase profitability.

    The program offers incentives to commercial building owners to hire qualified commissioning providers to undertake building recommissioning at their facilities.

    The program has four main benefits, including: increased profitability and property values, reduced environmental impact, developing a continuous improvement mindset, and enhancing occupant comfort.

    Learn more about the program requirements and application process by visiting the Save on Energy website, or read the program brochure.

    For more information and assistance with your application, contact our Key Accounts team at

  • Energy Performance Program
    The Energy Performance Program rewards customers who are able to make behavioural and operational changes complementary to capital investment projects, which grow their energy savings over several years.

    Three years of annual pay-for-performance incentives are available for multi-site and single-site facilities for applications approved by December 31, 2024.

    Visit the program website to find out more about the eligibility requirements and program details.

    Remember, our experts are available to help you in any way we can – from project identification to assistance with program applications. Contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit you can.

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
    Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP) supports industrial customers across Ontario in improving their industrial processes and implementing system optimization projects. The program offers organizations up to $5 million in financial incentives for each large, complex industrial energy-efficiency project accepted into the program. Eligible projects will deliver electricity savings using proven commercial technologies to lower energy consumption and reduce electricity bills.

    Learn more about the program and how you can qualify by visiting the program webpage.

Energy Saving Resources for Medium and Large Business Customers

We have a number of resources and tools that will help you identify energy saving opportunities. For more information on these resources, or to answer any questions you may have, please contact our energy solutions advisors at 226-896-2200 or

  • Save on Energy’s Industry and Contractors Resource Page contains tips and tools on ways your business can reduce its costs through energy efficiency. There is also additional information on the programs available that could lead your business to system improvements and energy efficiency-based incentive payments.

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