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Net Metering and Distributed Energy Resources

We are committed to improving the services we offer and embracing new technologies. We have a number of programs in place that allow you to embrace electricity generation and offset your electricity costs through initiatives and credits.

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If you’re a net metering customer, or you are curious about applying, we have created a helpful list of frequently asked questions to assist you in learning more.

Remember to contact us to ensure your property is eligible and has capacity before you start work or purchase equipment. Contact us at 519-888-5552 or by email at

Net Metering allows you to better manage your energy costs through the installation of renewable resources. If you’re producing more renewable energy than you can use, we will take what you’ve got leftover. You’ll receive a credit or an adjustment on your monthly hydro bill for the energy exported, up to a maximum of the value of electricity consumed from our grid. 

In return, we’ll give you a credit on your bill so it can be applied to help you pay when you’re not generating as much as you have used. 

For details and eligibility requirements, see Ontario Regulation 541/05.

Once you have met all the technical requirements, we will install a bidirectional meter at your location. The meter measures the electricity that you draw (or consume) from the grid and it also measures the electricity that you produce (or generate) and send to the distribution system.

As per Ontario Regulation 541/05, using meter readings, on a monthly basis we will calculate the value of the energy you took (or consumed) from the grid as well as the value of the energy you sent (or generated) to the grid. You will essentially pay the difference (or “net”) between the two.

We try and make it easy and quick to become a net metering customer. When you apply, we first check to make sure there is electricity distribution capacity to connect a net metering project in your area.

Applying is easy, simply complete these forms:

Residents of Kitchener or Wilmot

Customer Information Package for Distributed Generation ≤10kW

Customer Information Package for Distributed Generation > 10kW, ≤ 10MW

Residents of Waterloo, Wellesley, or Woolwich:

Some months you might generate more than you consume. This might occur in the summer months when sunshine is in abundance. In these circumstances, you will accumulate generation credits that can be used towards future consumption charges.

Under Ontario Regulation 541/05, we cannot pay you for excess generation. Excess generation accumulates as generation credits to be used against future consumption charges only.

Some months you might consume more than you generate. During the winter months, most systems generate less electricity and you will likely draw more electricity from the grid than you produce. In these months, you will be able to use the generation credits that you have previously accumulated.

For more information, consult Ontario Regulation 541/05.

Generation credits do not carry forward indefinitely. The accumulated credit must be used within 12 months. Once credits have accumulated for 12 consecutive months, all credits are written off. This policy complies with provincial legislation. For additional details, review Ontario Regulation 541/05.

Load displacement refers to a generation facility that’s connected on the customer side of a connection point where the output is used exclusively for your own consumption. 

It allows you to offset your consumption, and better manage your energy requirements, and cost, through generation. 

Load displacement has a number of potential advantages, including:

  • Lowered energy costs as you can charge your battery during off-peak rates and use it during peak times to help reduce your energy costs
  • Enhanced energy resiliency during outages as it serves as an alternate source of power
  • Helps mitigate impacts of rising rates as it offsets energy costs

For more information on load displacement and how we can help, email us today.

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