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Saving Energy and Money as a Small Business

Small business ownership is stressful, but we are here to help your business. We’re a proud community partner and we want to help your business enjoy all of the benefits of improved energy efficiency and lowered electricity costs.

If there is anything we can do to assist you, please contact our energy solutions experts at [phone number] or customercare@enovapower.com and we’ll work with you to find resources and tools that benefit you and your employees.

How can we best help you?

Are There Any Programs Available to Help My Business Lower its Electricity Consumption?

As a small business owner, there are many things you can do to lower your energy consumption and save money every day. Please use this list of tips and tools to make your business as efficient as possible.

  • Save on Energy Small Business Program
    This program is designed to help small businesses across Ontario make no-cost equipment improvements to lower their energy consumption. Your business can receive up to $2,000 towards lighting upgrades and $2,500 in other incentives.

    To determine your eligibility, and to participate, call 1-833-825-7283 or complete the application form.

  • Retrofit Program
    Through the Retrofit Program, your business can receive an incentive for the completion of several energy-efficient upgrades in lighting, heating, coolign and ventilation, manufacturing/process equipment and other equipment. Receiving the benefits of this program has never been easier and we’re here to help! Allow our experts to help you identify possible projects, and work with you through the application and approval process to ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit of the program.

    Visit the program website for full program details.

  • Free Energy Efficiency Assessments
    Enova’s efficiency experts want to partner with you to reach your efficiency goals and help keep your electricity costs as low as possible. Through our FREE energy assessment, evaluate your business’ building systems such as lighting, heating and cooling and ventilation as well as process equipment including compressed air and refrigeration to determine how your building and process equipment is performing.

    You’ll receive a detailed report following our evaluation, including a breakdown of your electricity usage and a comprehensive list of potential energy-saving projects that your business may qualify for. We’ll also lay out an action plan for the top three to five projects we identify to help provide you with long-term assistance and guidance on your energy efficiency journey.

    Let us help you. Contact us today at keyaccounts@enovapower.com to schedule your appointment.

Money-Saving Tips and Resources

As your partner in energy efficiency, we have put together a list of tools, tips and resources that can help your small business save money by managing its energy consumption.

  • Save on Energy’s Small Business Resources page provides tips and tools for saving money regardless of the type of small business you may be. From restaurants to small offices, learn how you can maximize savings through simple changes to your lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling and more.
  • Small Business Case Studies can help you learn what programs might be the right fit for you by reading about similar businesses that met their efficiency goals through programs and rebates.

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