Six tips from Enova Power Corp. to help you stay safe this long weekend

Family Day weekend is here.

Whether you’re bundling up and enjoying the weekend outdoors or hunkering down for a long weekend of fun inside, Enova Power Corp. wants to help you do it safely.

Here are six tips to keep you safe from electrical hazards.  

Electrical safety outdoors

  • If you are playing or working outside, remember to look up and look out for overhead powerlines. Always stay at least three metres away from overhead powerlines and carry toys or equipment horizontally to avoid accidental contact with electrical equipment.
  • Green padmount transformers contain live, high-voltage electrical equipment. Remind children not to play on or around transformers and avoid piling snow, dirt, or objects around them.
  • If you are plugging in outdoors, make sure you are using a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). If your outlet is not GFCI protected, get a portable GFCI outlet adapter from your local home improvement store.

Electrical safety indoors

  • If your family is spending the weekend gaming or glued to their devices, do not overload electrical circuits. Outlets that have too many devices plugged into them can overheat, causing a fire or the potential for electrical shock.
  • If you need an extension cord, do not run it under a carpet, rug, or furniture. It could damage the cord and cause electrical shock or fire. If you haven’t used the extension cord in a while, be sure to check it for cracking or fraying and don’t use it if you see signs of damage.
  • Secure all unused outlets with covers to keep small hands and fingers away from danger. Always watch small children and do not let them chew on or play with electrical cords.

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