Eight scam prevention tips

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and Enova Power Corp. (Enova) is helping customers protect themselves and their account information to avoid falling victim to scammers.

Scammers often target Enova’s service territory, reaching customers by telephone and text message. Usually, the scammer claims to represent Enova and threatens disconnection of electricity service if an overdue account is not paid immediately or within an hour, sometimes requesting bitcoin as payment. The calls are sometimes made during peak business times and to make the threat seem legitimate, the fraud artists go so far as to provide a 1-800 callback number which is answered “hydro”, or “Enova.” Some scammers claim to be from “Kitchener Hydro” or “Waterloo Hydro.”

Eight clues to identify a scam call or text:

      • The caller threatens immediate disconnection if payment is not made over the phone.

      • The call comes on a weekend or holiday, or in the evening. Enova only makes collection calls to customers 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Enova never calls for payment on weekends or holidays.

      • The call comes from a 1-800 number. Enova is a local business and does not call from a 1-800 number.

      • You are contacted via text message. Enova does not send text messages to customers.

      • The caller tells you to pay the amount through a cryptocurrency machine at a convenience store. Enova does not accept payment using cryptocurrency.

      • The caller tells you to make the payment via e-transfer. Enova does not accept e-transfer payments.

      • The caller tells you to pay using a gift card or pre-paid credit card. Enova does not accept payment using gift cards or pre-paid credit cards.
      • Enova never calls to request bank or account information.
    Customers who receive a suspicious call or text should not provide any personal information including Enova, bank, or credit card account numbers or account balance, and hang up immediately.
    Customers who have questions about their account balance should call Enova customer care at 226-896-1010, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

    Scam and account information available 24/7

    Enova has information about the most current scams targeting customers on its website at enovapower.com/scams

    Customers can also register with My Account for up-to-date information about your account, including current and past due amounts.

    For information on how to protect yourself or your business against fraud, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

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