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Corporate Structure

Enova Power Corp. was formed from the merger of Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. and Waterloo North Hydro Inc. Enova is solely owned by Enova Energy Corporation.

Enova Energy Corporation is an energy company with assets in municipal electricity distribution, electricity services, and renewable energy. Owned by the City of Kitchener, the City of Waterloo, the Township of Woolwich, the Township of Wilmot, and the Township of Wellesley, the company is focused on delivering what is next in energy.

Enova Power Corp. (Enova) is a regulated electricity distribution company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enova Energy Corporation, created by the merger of Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro. Enova is the trusted energy provider, dedicated to delivering safe and reliable energy solutions that power our communities forward. Serving more than 157,000 residential and business customers in the City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich, Township of Wilmot, and Township of Wellesley, Enova will drive what’s next in energy and sustainability for our communities and beyond.

Alliance Metering Solutions (AMS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enova Energy Corporation. It provides sub-metering and billing services for electric, water, thermal, and gas utilities for multi-unit complexes including residential and small businesses.  In addition, AMS provides electric vehicle (EV) chargers and EV energy management systems for residential and multi-residential applications. AMS draws upon 100 years of experience and tradition, bringing the same quality of service, accuracy, and reliability that customers have come to expect.

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Enova Energy Services (Enova Energy - formerly Kitchener Energy Services Inc.) provides streetlight maintenance services to the City of Kitchener and the Township of Wilmot. Enova Energy is wholly owned by Enova Energy Corporation is also positioned to provide future energy services to our customers and shareholders.

Grand River Energy Solutions Corp. (GRE) is an energy transition project investor and developer that partners with public and private sector organizations to accelerate their facility and fleet decarbonization efforts. GRE works with proven delivery partners to provide a full spectrum of design, build, finance, own, operate, and maintain services wrapped in Energy-as-a-Service packages customized to individual partner client needs.

GRE’s partnership approach is built upon a long-term view, technology/vendor agnostic solutions, and applying a system lens to develop a client-specific energy transition roadmap that identifies the sustainable generation, energy storage, fleet charging, and control/microgrid infrastructure building blocks that will allow partners to meet their long-term ESG, operational, and financial objectives.

GRE’s (co-)investment in client projects allows those organizations to escape the constraints of annual budget cycles and internal capital competitions to implement these sustainable system building blocks when the timing is best, rather than when capital budgets allow the investment.

GRE is jointly owned by Enova Energy Corporation and GrandBridge Energy Inc., the owners of the trusted local electrical distribution companies collectively serving Waterloo Region, Brant County, and the City of Brantford.

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Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. (Eyedro) is a software and electronics design company making electricity usage easy to understand. Eyedro software is an easy-to-install, scalable electricity monitor for your home and business.  Enova Energy Corporation owns 30.7% of Eyedro.

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Enova Power Corp.’s Executive Team combines the leadership of the two legacy utilities and ensures the new organization has the forward-thinking and expertise needed to position Enova as a leader in energy solutions as we move into the future.

Rene W, Gatien

Co-CEO and Executive Officer

Jerry Van Ootegham

Co-CEO and Executive Officer

Margaret Nanninga

Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Dorothy Moryc

Vice-President, Stations and Engineering

Mark Dillon

Vice-President, Information Technology

Greig Cameron

Vice-President, Innovation and Business Transformation

Wilf Meston

Vice-President, Operations

Will Stratford

Director, Corporate Services

Jenny McGeachy

Director, People and Culture

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Enova Power Corp. was selected before the public unveiling of the new organization. The board brings together the best and brightest in Waterloo Region and members are committed to embracing innovation and helping move the organization forward.

Steve McCartney


Sandra MacGillivray


David Schnarr

Jacinda Reitsma

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic

City of Kitchener

Mayor Dorothy McCabe

City of Waterloo

Mayor Sandy Shantz

Township of Woolwich

Scott Davey

City of Kitchener Councillor

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Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration Project (FLISR)

FLISR allows SCADA-controllable devices to automatically activate when a fault is detected. This activation automatically reroutes power to restore as many customers as quickly as possible after an outage. Later this year, the system will also monitor the network for sudden loss of voltage and attempt to isolate the cause and reroute power to as many customers affected as possible.

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