Improving Reliability


Powering our communities through reliability and resiliency

Providing safe and reliable electricity to the residents and businesses of our communities is one of our top priorities.

We maintain more than 200 automated smart devices across our service territory. These devices help with system monitoring, outage restoration, and reliability.


smart devices.

We spent more than $50 million on capital projects to improve our system performance, reliability, and resiliency.

$50 million

invested in capital projects.

The average length of a power interruption for Enova customers was 40 minutes in 2023. This was a 22 minute decrease over 2022 and speaks to our commitment to system improvements, maintenance, and the quick responses of our crews.


minutes is the average length of outage experienced by Enova customers.

The Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration technology worked to shorten the length and severity of outages across Waterloo, Woolwich, and Wellesley. In the past two years, more than 2.5-million minutes of customer interruption have been saved.


Customer minutes of interruption saved from the continued utilization of smart grid automation.

Our crews work daily to repair or replace broken equipment and restore power following outages. We spent more than $50 million in capital projects to improve system performance, resilience, and reliability while preparing for the future of electrification by installing new equipment and technologies.

The commitment to reliability led to a notable decrease in the length and frequency of outages across our service territory. The average length of a power interruption dropped to 40 minutes, a 22-minute decrease over 2022.

In 2023, most outages were caused by foreign interference including motor vehicle collisions and other power system contacts we cannot prepare for, and equipment failure, which we’re continuing to address through capital work and system upgrades in 2024.

Innovation has helped decrease the impact of outages on our customers. The Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) software we installed in 2017 saved more than 594,000 outage minutes for customers in Waterloo, Woolwich and Wellesley, and we are beginning to roll the software out to customers in the City of Kitchener and Township of Wilmot.

What caused power interruptions in 2023?

Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration Project (FLISR)

FLISR allows SCADA-controllable devices to automatically activate when a fault is detected. This activation automatically reroutes power to restore as many customers as quickly as possible after an outage. Later this year, the system will also monitor the network for sudden loss of voltage and attempt to isolate the cause and reroute power to as many customers affected as possible.

For more information on FLISR and its impact on reducing outage minutes across Enova’s service territory, visit enovapower.com/innovation.