Enova at a Glance


Enova at a Glance

Enova is here to energize and empower our communities.

We are the backbone of our communities. That’s why we work around the clock to ensure our customers have power they can rely on. What we do matters to the people and businesses in our communities, and we have the proven responsiveness and experience to support our customers and keep them safe.

Our Vision

To drive what’s next in energy and sustainability for our communities and beyond.

Our Values

  • Safety and well-being above all: The health, safety and wellness of our people and communities will always come first.
  • Everyone has a voice: Collaboration and growth only happens when we truly listen to each other and our communities.
  • Transparency: Trust and respect are earned. That’s why we do what we say and are honest with ourselves and the public.
  • Driven to explore new ideas: We look for new ways to solve tough problems to help us innovate for our customers today and for the future of energy.
  • Inclusive and empowered: We make space for people to be who they are so they can lead with confidence.

Our Pillars

At Enova, we’re dedicated to

  • Dependable and reliable service
  • Customer and community partnerships
  • Continuous improvement

Fast Facts

Customer Count:


  • 146,023 residential customers,
  • 14,378 small business customers
  • 1,660 large commercial customers.


Length of wire:

3,688 km

of underground cable and overhead line. (That’s enough to stretch from our Kitchener office to Revelstoke B.C.).



Service territory:

1,108 km2

Cost per customer:


*Source: The 2022 Ontario Electricity Board Scorecard.

Energy billed:

3.314 Billion kWh

  • Summer 2023 Peak: 668,619 kW.
  • Winter 2023 Peak: 514,409 kW.
Capital assets:


Capital assets include:

  • Transfomer Stations
  • Properties
  • Poles, wires, equipment

Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration Project (FLISR)

FLISR allows SCADA-controllable devices to automatically activate when a fault is detected. This activation automatically reroutes power to restore as many customers as quickly as possible after an outage. Later this year, the system will also monitor the network for sudden loss of voltage and attempt to isolate the cause and reroute power to as many customers affected as possible.

For more information on FLISR and its impact on reducing outage minutes across Enova’s service territory, visit enovapower.com/innovation.