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Enova’s Draft Conditions of Service

Enova Power Corp. (Enova) has drafted its Conditions of Service. Enova’s Conditions of Service describes Enova’s operating practices and connection policies, and sets out the terms and conditions that a customer accepts as a customer. 

We invite you to share your comments, concerns and questions. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to provide your feedback.

View  Enova’s draft Conditions of Service.

Why are we updating our Conditions of Service?

Previously, separate Conditions of Service documents existed for customers in Kitchener and Wilmot, and customers in Waterloo, Woolwich and Wellesley. The updated Conditions of Service simplify and standardize the two existing versions of our Conditions of Service into one document.

What are the major changes in the document?

    • Electricity distributor licensing and contact information. The contact information, distributor license and other regulatory details now reference Enova Power Corp., instead of the legacy utilities.
    • Updates made to reflect Ontario Energy Board requirements.  These include:
      1. Updated disconnection procedures.
      2. New support programs available to low-income customers.
      3. Updated Basic Connection Definition for residential and general service customers and the credit allowance they are eligible for.
      4. Standardized electric vehicle and distributed energy resource connection procedures.
    • Suite metering for multi-unit residential buildings: Measure and bill electricity usage for different units in an apartment or condominium building.
    • Updates to transformer requirements and configurations:
      1. Increased maximum transformer sizes: Larger options are now available to better accommodate the increasing electrical load requirements in homes or buildings.
      2. More transformer configuration options: Expanded transformer offerings are available at different voltage levels, including overhead, pad mounted, or room-type transformers.
      3. Increased transformation capacity per property: Multiple transformers can now be installed per individual property in a loop feed supply configuration.
    • Updates to electrical and civil demarcation definitions: Clearer definitions for where the responsibilities of the electric company end and the customer’s begin when setting up new services or upgrading existing ones.

    How can I provide comments and ask questions?

    If you have comments, questions, or concerns about our draft Conditions of Service, complete the below feedback form. Your feedback is important to us and we will review your submission. Please note: feedback will be collected until July 12, 2024.

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